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Cancellations for Journals published by Taylor and Francis

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Université de Montréal (UdeM) Libraries are cancelling their subscription to 8 Taylor and Francis journals. This decision is the result of Taylor and Francis imposing 7% increases on its prices while the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in Canada has been around 2,3% for 2018. To compensate for these repeated annual increases would require jeopardizing the UdeM Libraries book budget.

In order to lessen the impact of cancellations on UdeM community, UdeM Libraries have cancelled titles that are accessible by other means and that figure among the lowest uses by UdeM community. The library catalogue Atrium points to other sources of content for these journals. Articles can be obtained free of charge through Prêt entre bibliothèques (PEB) and Unpaywall makes it possible to easily find and gain access to open access articles.

Titres retirés

Disponibilité via d’autres sources

Nb d’utilisations en cours d’année

Nb d’utilisations pendant la période sous embargo

Taux d’articles en libre accès

Art Journal

Contenu courant disponible auprès d’une autre source




Journal of Sports Sciences

Disponible auprès d’une autre source : 6 à 12 mois d’embargo




Journal of The American Planning Association

Disponible auprès d’une autre source : 6 à 12 mois d’embargo




Psychology & Health

Disponible auprès d’une autre source : 6 à 12 mois d’embargo




The Art Bulletin

Contenu courant disponible auprès d’une autre source




Third World Quarterly

Disponible auprès d’une autre source : 12 mois d’embargo




Third World Thematics: A TWQ Journal

Associé à Third Wolrd Quarterly, l’éditeur refuse un accès seul à Third World Thematics




Work and Stress: An International Journal of Work, Health & Organizations

Contenu courant disponible auprès d’une autre source





The publisher still refuses to consider the fair-price model for its journal bundle, despite the fact that other publishers have signed and renewed agreements with UdeM Libraries based on this model. Knowing that only 18% of its journal bundle is deemed essential to the UdeM community, Taylor and Francis holds on its position and fixes the price for UdeM at more than 700 000 Canadian dollars.
Taylor and Francis chooses to protect its business model despite the FAECUM’s #Revues à la Hausse campaign and without recognition for the 160 articles provided per year by authors and co-authors affiliated with Université de Montréal campus.

UdeM Libraries are fully aware of the impact these cancellations have on teaching and research. UdeM Libraries reaffirm that facing Taylor and Francis’s position, it remains the only option.

*Articles published by authors and co-authors affiliated with Université de Montréal campus and freely provided to Taylor and Francis come from Web of Science.

Quick facts:

  • UdeM Libraries are renewing access to 151 titles out of the 2,480 available in Taylor and Francis large bundle.
  • UdeM Prêt entre bibliothèques (PEB) provides journals articles at no charge. Email delivery is within 24 hours.
  • Many articles from Taylor and Francis are available in open access in institutional or subject repositories, or can be found using Unpaywall.
  • Members of the UdeM community can express their disapproval of Taylor and Francis:

    • Refuse to review articles or to participate into editorial boards;
    • Support the open access publication model;
    • Inform Taylor and Francis leaders of their position.

Our contacts are :

List of maintained subscriptions (Access limited to UdeM community | Public Access)
List of cancelled subscriptions (Access limited to UdeM community)


Camille Veillette-Péclet, directrice des collections